Trend Manor

Trend Manor is a high end, top of the line, American Made Company that has been building quality furniture the way it used to be made; They make some of the best furniture in the industry.

“In an industry where others have gone to cheaper materials and shoddy workmanship, Trend Manor continues to offer SOLID WOOD furniture of exceptional value. Trend Manor is committed to having the latest woodworking equipment but steadfastly refuses to compromise quality craftsmanship. A prime example is that each piece of furniture still is hand-rubbed and waxed to enhance the natural beauty of the wood”

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Winners Only

Winners Only

Winner’s only is a quality line and carries a huge offering of office, dining, bedroom, and entertainment sets. A good solid product with great value.

“Founded in 1988, Winners Only has quickly become an industry leader in manufacturing and distributing quality furniture at an affordable price. Based in Vista, California, Winners Only furniture can be found in fine retail establishments across the nation. Known for high-quality furniture and supportive customer service, we take great pride in attention to detail, durability, and classic style”

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Oak Designs

Oak Designs is a great American Made company with quality craftsmanship you can see in each piece of furniture.

“Oak Design Corporation has established itself as an oak furniture manufacturer with consistent quality and attention to detail to every item shipped from our facility. With a minimal return rate, all items are thoroughly inspected throughout the manufacturing process for wood flaws, defects, and furniture construction quality”

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Best Home Furnishings

Best Home Furnishings

Best Chair is an American company out of Indiana and makes some of the best recliners sofas and gliders in the industry.

“In 1962, two men turned their chair expertise into a yet unknown empire. In a small rented building the two covered all aspects of the business for quite some time. Over forty years later, Best Chairs has surpassed all expectations becoming Best Home Furnishings, a name adopted to further describe the entire product line. Family owned and operated, our facilities cover over 1,100,000 square feet in five locations with over 1,000 employees and is growing to become one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world.”

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Intercon makes a great quality product that will last years to come. The manufacturer’s motto is “Furniture for Life”.

“Intercon was established in 1976 and has become a leading manufacturer, importer, designer, and supplier of solid wood furniture, selling over one million tables, chairs, and china cabinets annually. It has been a family owned and operated business for over 30 years. We are familiar with manufacturing and offshore sourcing of wood dining room, bedroom, and home theater furniture.”

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Whittier Wood

Whittier Wood

Whittier Wood specialty is in solid alder wood furniture, but provides excellent quality across the board.

“The Whittier family has been manufacturing quality, real wood furniture for more than three generations. As the industry leader of ready to assemble, easy to assemble and ready to finish furniture since 1975, we emphasize quality construction, attractive styling and affordability.”

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Leick Furniture

Lieck Furniture specializes in accent tables, end tables, display tables, tv consoles, and display cabinets.

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Furniture Traditions

Furniture Traditions

Furniture Traditions is an American made manufacturer offering quality, classic, and traditional designs.

“Furniture Traditions is more than the name of our company. It is what we offer our customers — a tradition of superior quality traditional bedroom furniture, “An American Heirloom” that can be handed down from generation to generation. We value quality above all else and know your bedroom set should be an investment that lasts for many, many years to come. We have”

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Essential Furniture

Essential’s Furniture products are manufactured with rustic methods established by professional experienced craftsman.

“Our product is constructed mostly from solid pine that is selected for particular features which lend themselves to the rustic appeal. Knots, blemishes and small splits are all characteristics of natural wood that establish the authentic art of our rustic product. A dark walnut stain is combined with a satin furniture wax before the mixture is sprayed and then hand rubbed on our wood furniture. The soft wood feel and warm color offered by Essential’s Furniture Mfg. is a unique finish.”

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Cal Oak Furniture

Cal Oak Furniture

We feel there is no other furniture maker in the market today that offers the commitment to craftsmanship, solid wood choices and the very best features and benefits in our price range. We hope you enjoy many years of happiness with our product as we have enjoyed making it for you. Thank you for your consideration of our product

“We have brought the quality and attention to detail in our furniture collections for your exclusive enjoyment. We know there are many furniture choices today, so we have done our best to bring the “Quality of Yesterday” into every piece of furniture we make.”

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A.R.T. Furniture

A.R.T. Furniture puts an architectural spin on old style furniture.

“Our product is constructed mostly from solid pine that is selected for particular features which lend themselves to the rustic appeal. Knots, blemishes and small splits are all characteristics of natural wood that establish the authentic art of our rustic product. A dark walnut stain is combined with a satin furniture wax before the mixture is sprayed and then hand rubbed on our wood furniture. The soft wood feel and warm color offered by Essential’s Furniture Mfg. is a unique finish.”

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Aspen Homes

Aspen Homes

“Aspen Homes has evolved over the past 31 years from a small family owned home entertainment business based in Phoenix to a full line furniture company specializing in thoughtfully designed innovative products for the way people work, play and relax at home. Recognized as a resource for functional family furniture, the aspenhome™ collection includes bedroom, dining, home office, home entertainment and occasional furnishings”

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Bassett offers a quality line, specializing in custom upholstery and custom dining room sets.

“Bassett’s blend of style, comfort and value has been trusted for more than a century and made it one of the most recognizable brands in America. Today, Bassett has taken its craftsmanship and built a new reputation of quality custom furniture that can be made and delivered in 30 days or less.”

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Sure Wood

Sure Wood

Quality product. Great Value.

“We create quality oak furniture made from only the finest American grown oak. Our craftsmen take great pride in their workmanship and build our furniture to last a lifetime. The quality of our work speaks for itself in the beauty and longevity of our furniture”

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Sunny Designs

Sunny Designs carries a huge line of home office, dining, entertainment, casual, barstools, living room furniture and much more. Sunny Designs offers a good product at a great value.

“Founded in 1980, Sunny Designs, Inc. has pursued diligently to provide our customers the very best value without compromising exceptional quality and service. Continuous efforts to develop new products, to create more value, and to meet customer needs, make Sunny Designs a leading Manufacturer/Distributor in the home furnishing industry.”

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Royola Pacific Furniture

Royola Pacific Furniture

“Established in 1976, Royola Pacific imports, markets, manufactures and distributes quality furniture to retailers across the country. With warehouses located in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New Jersey, San Francisco and Seattle , Royola Pacific provides hundreds of types and styles of furniture for your retail needs.”

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Crown Mark

Crown Mark is a strong contender in the furniture industry and produces a large variety of pieces in each furniture category.

“Our designs promote comfort and elegance. Our research and development team is always in tune with the styles of the industry. Our customers can always depend on us for classic styling, as well as the latest styles.”

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“Founded in 1930 in New York, we relocated to Charleston, SC in 1996 to a state-of-the-art 500,000 square-foot facility. Though we’ve grown in size, we’ve never lost sight of our small business heritage. In fact, we remain privately held, family-owned and operated.”

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North American Wood Furniture

“Founded in 2009, North American Wood Furniture was built on the idea that good quality furniture could have style and be affordable. We manufacture furniture customized to meet the needs of the wall in your office space, the corner wall in your living room and or your unique flare for color. Known for our finish options and customization, we take great pride in attention to detail.”

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Martin Furniture

Martin Furniture

“In 1980, our founder, Gil Martin, resigned from his position at General Dynamics in San Diego, California and started a furniture company in his home garage with $400 in “startup capital” and a Sears Craftsman table saw. Thirty-one years later, while still privately held, Martin Home Furnishings has evolved into a leading international furniture designer, manufacturer and distributor. Our corporate offices and a 250,000 ft² distribution center are located in San Diego”

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Home Legance

“Founded in California in 1984, Homelegance, Inc. wholesales furniture in the United States, Canada and other countries in the world.”

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Fusion Design

Fusion Design

“At the age of 22, Noah Bontrager began to build furniture as a hobby and learning the fine points of construction through trial and error. Never having training in woodworking, this was a period of time where valuable lessons were learned in building all types of furniture and cabinets. Factory life proved unsatisfactory and boring so in 1993 the plunge was taken to take on woodworking as an occupation and Fusion Designs was born.”

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“Our thoughtful furniture designs are fresh and clean-lined with an emphasis on multifunction thanks to a unique product development strategy. Each new collection pairs world-class furniture designers with talented Amish artisans using time-honored techniques passed down through generations. We like to think of it as furniture built the old-fashioned way for the way people want to live now.”

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Hooker Furniture

Hooker Furniture

“Founded in 1924 in Martinsville, VA, Hooker Furniture today is one of the most respected and admired home furnishings companies in the world. Our dining, bedroom, home entertainment, home office and accent furniture is distinguished by beautiful quality craftsmanship and functional features to make your life easier. During over 90 years of operation, our priority has always been to maintain strong relationships with employees, customers, sales representatives and suppliers.”

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“Connecting with those you care about in a comfortable environment has never been more important to you. At Bradington-Young, we’re dedicated to providing luxurious seating comfort in quality leather upholstery to help you relax and connect in your family room, living room or home theater.”

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